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He was always there at a distance looking over Adams after that faithful day when they first met.

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Sing Along - I'm Looking Through You

Sing Along - Get Back

One of my favorites and where Jo Jo got his nickname!

Sing Along - Norweigan Wood

Attempting a John Lennon classic with sitar...

Sing Along - Chris, Don & John (Jam)

Here's an oldie jam with John Ray, Chris Anspach & myself.  Thanks for coming over guys!  

Sing Along - And I Love Her

Sing Along - Country Roads

There's no place like home and the way to my house was a lot of country roads.  Here's a little tribute to John Denver and his love of nature, our country & music.

Sing Along - Happy Trailis

Was there a better, caring man to look up to than Roy Rogers?  Here's a little tribute until we meet again up there!

Sing Along - Life Goes On (Instrumental)

It's a Sunday, the rain is drizzling down outside AND a light breeze is blowing through the window.  You just have to keep going on because that' show life is.  When you're feeling down & out, just remember, life goes on for the privileged few.

Sing Along - My Old Friend

A little tribute to Carl Perkins who wrote this song & sang it to his friend Paul McCartney, at a time when Paul had just lost his best friend John Lennon.

Sing Along - God Is The Reason

Some people just don't believe or want to deny Him.  God IS the reason.

Sing Along - The Carousel

I've met so many people of all different backgrounds & colors.  It often seems that those in charge want to keep us divided.   Do what you can to stand up for those that can't help themselves.  We are all citizens of the word!  It's what's on the inside that counts.  Don't let them put you on a carousel going round and round.  Love, don't hate. 

Goodbye Donnie

It's a bittersweet moment when one of your fledglings leaves the nest.  You are saddened to see him go, but you're so proud to see him fly high above the clouds.  You just hope that he finds his way home every now and then.  Goodbye Donnie.....FLY HIGH!!!

Sing Along - Slow & Hard Instrumental

Some days you just feel like picking up the guitar or pounding on the drums without a further thought in the world.  Hope this one takes you away from your cares for the moment. 

Sing Along - Turn The Page

The first album I ever bought was Bob Seger's 'Live Bullet'.  I still have that album and remember pounding on those drums tryin' to do my best Charlie Martin!  Thanks Bob & The Silver Bullet Band!

Sing Along - Tangled Up In Blue

Here's a little tribute to Dylan who was so influential to many people for his songs & lyrics.

Sing Along - Thinking Out Loud

We  like this one.  Thanks Mr. Ed!  

Sing Along - Tonight You Belong To Me

Sing Along - Maybe-A Grizzly Adams Tribute

Here's a little tribute to Dan Haggerty who was best known for playing Grizzly Adams in the 70s.  He had a smile and presence that lit up the room when he came in.   God bless you Dan and keep the party going up there in Heaven.  This one's for you.

Sing Along - Farewell To The Mountains

I still remember Davy swinging that rifle in Disney's Davy Crockett - King of the Wild Frontier!  Here's a little tribute song that Davy performed in that show.  Farewell to simpler times!

Sing Along - Rockin Bass Instrumental

But wait...there's no words!

Sing Along - House Of The Rising Son

Sing Along - To Know Her Is To Love Her

Sing Along - Dancin' On A Saturday Night

Who didn't want the ability to dance like Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly?  Here's one I wrote & performed a few years back as a tribute to the great dance songs & dancers that kept me motivated through the years.  Just keep dancing!!!

Sing Along - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

I always remember the high-pitched voices and ukulele-sound that dominated this great song.  Here's my tribute version to The Tokens.  Hope you enjoy it.

Sing Along - Silly Love Songs

When other people criticized Paul McCartney for writing only silly love songs, he responded to the world with another number one hit AND threw the criticism right back in their face with this one...'Silly Love Songs'.    I agree and think the world needs more silly love songs!!!  Hope you enjoy this little tribute to Paul. 

Sing Along - Back In The Saddle

I first heard this song performed by the wonderfully talented Gene Autry.   Hope you enjoy this version of the song as a tribute.

Sing Along - The Daniel Boone Theme Song

Sure did love this show when I first saw it back in the day.  The family & social values are still relevant and in need today.  Here's to you Fess Parker.  Hope you enjoy this version of the song!

Love The Mountains!

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Stay Cozy!

(Adams The Frontiersman)

Kindness is like snow.  It beautifies everything it covers.  

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A Nice Getaway



Through the crackling of the fire, Adams could here a rustle in the bushes nearby.  He knew he couldn't sleep until he investigate, as his father had taught him on many nights out before.  Was it a small animal bedding down for the night or perhaps just the wind blowing in the trees.  As Adams approached the bushes just at the edge of darkness from the campfire, he was frozen in his tracks as he came face-to-face with the snarling beast.  It's eyes glowed in the darkness and he could see those white fangs that seemed to amplify the low growl.   It was a wolf!  A big black wolf that was staring him right in the eyes.  For a brief moment Adams had regretted leaving his rifle leaning against the stump by the fire.  But it was too late.  They locked eyes and both stood frozen in time.  Adams' mind raced.  Was this the leader?  Were there others about to attack?  They always traveled in a pack.  He couldn't bring himself to look around as didn't want to take his eyes off the one in front of him. Was this the end?

Howling At The Moon

Roy Rogers Festival - The Gang Roundup

Roy Rogers Festival 2014


At Fort Boonesborough

Adams The Frontiersman - Family

Meet the family!

2016 Roy Rogers Festival

With Jon Patterson & Dodie Rogers-daughter of Roy Rogers at the 2016 Roy Rogers Festival!

Sing Along - Home On The Range

Adams The Frontiersman

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Welcome Friends!

Welcome to the 'Adams The Frontiersman' Page.  Adams was a frontiersman who lived in the forests of Indiana at a time when America struggled to be free.  Trackin', trappin' & tradin to make his way in America, blazin' trails for future families.  Though he'd lost his wife, she gave two sons to his life.   With his tomahawk & gun and his two trustworthy sons, livin' life wild and free.  With truth, justice, honor & integrity...all three helped America to be free.