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Stay Cozy!

(Adams The Frontiersman)

Kindness is like snow.  It beautifies everything it covers.  

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A Nice Getaway



Through the crackling of the fire, Adams could here a rustle in the bushes nearby.  He knew he couldn't sleep until he investigate, as his father had taught him on many nights out before.  Was it a small animal bedding down for the night or perhaps just the wind blowing in the trees.  As Adams approached the bushes just at the edge of darkness from the campfire, he was frozen in his tracks as he came face-to-face with the snarling beast.  It's eyes glowed in the darkness and he could see those white fangs that seemed to amplify the low growl.   It was a wolf!  A big black wolf that was staring him right in the eyes.  For a brief moment Adams had regretted leaving his rifle leaning against the stump by the fire.  But it was too late.  They locked eyes and both stood frozen in time.  Adams' mind raced.  Was this the leader?  Were there others about to attack?  They always traveled in a pack.  He couldn't bring himself to look around as didn't want to take his eyes off the one in front of him. Was this the end?

Howling At The Moon

Roy Rogers Festival - The Gang Roundup

Roy Rogers Festival 2014


At Fort Boonesborough

Adams The Frontiersman - Family

Meet the family!

2016 Roy Rogers Festival

With Jon Patterson & Dodie Rogers-daughter of Roy Rogers at the 2016 Roy Rogers Festival!

Sing Along - Home On The Range

Adams The Frontiersman

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Welcome Friends!

Welcome to the 'Adams The Frontiersman' Page.  Adams was a frontiersman who lived in the forests of Indiana at a time when America struggled to be free.  Trackin', trappin' & tradin to make his way in America, blazin' trails for future families.  Though he'd lost his wife, she gave two sons to his life.   With his tomahawk & gun and his two trustworthy sons, livin' life wild and free.  With truth, justice, honor & integrity...all three helped America to be free.